What’s a girl to do? Fashions change so fast these days that even the sharpest person can barely keep up. Trends sometimes come and go in a couple of months, leaving people broke – and worse out of style. Thus, it pays to shop wisely by checking out a guide to what’s on the cutting edge this season. This is what most people do nowadays – they make informed shopping decisions. And how do they go about it? Well, for one they do comparison shopping and they get hold of brochures where they can browse through the latest in fashion today.

So let’s say you own a boutique offering teen fashions. Because kids today are very conscious of what they wear they tend to buy clothes and accessories almost every month. This is a great opportunity for you to acquire a lot of customers. And if you have an attractive and stunning brochure, chances are a lot of teens will visit your store and buy your products.

Have you ever wondered why car dealers let you have the key and take the car for a spin? Or why when you are in the middle of a good television show and then suddenly they would cut the show for a few minutes and run the ads? Well, these people know that once you have driven the car or watched a few parts of the show, you would see how good the car or the show is and buy the car or stay for the rest of the show. This is one way of letting you take the bait and soon you will realize that you have been reeled into buying the product.

Advertising today is not much different from before. There may have been major changes in the way products are presented but the people are the same as they have always been. Give them a free spray of your perfume and they will buy the bottle. Give them a few chapters of your book and they will buy the whole selection. And give them a taste of your cookie and they will buy a dozen. Whatever you are selling, people will respond better if you give away a portion, a free sample or a free taste.

This is just the same as creating a funky striking brochure. The illustrations and the content that you put inside can be your bait in reeling prospects to contact you. Letting them have a look at what you have to offer can interest them to buying the clothes in your boutique or the perfumes in your store. Just remember to be gentle and simple as you can. This can greatly help you in getting those teens flock your chic boutique.